Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Evening with Esteemed Guests

On the 25th May 2011 Cake-licious attended a, small but perfectly formed, Ladies Pamper Evening organised by the Hull Esteem Consortium. Esteem are Hull City Council's private sector partner and work with the authority's Building Schools for the Future team playing an important role in the transformation of education across Hull, with particular focus on its infrastructure. You can read more about Esteem and their involvement in projects across Hull by visiting their website http://www.esteem.cc/

The evening consisted of lots of fab treats for hard working ladies who could get their nails done, treat themselves to new cosmetics and delight in enjoying a delicious cupcake or four (Cake-licious cupcakes, of course!). See our sweet little stall below:

The event was a huge success with funds raised being donated to the company's nominated charity, Downright Special, which will enable them to buy one education pack (and partly fund another) that will be given to a child with Down Syndrome when he or she starts school in September. The pack includes educational toys specifically aimed at children with Down Syndrome, along with sign language resources and other tools that will assist the child and their teaching assistant right through his or her time in the education system. If you would like to know more about this very worthy of charities please visit http://www.downrightspecial.co.uk/.

If you live in the Hull area please look out for details of their next event, particularly a similar event to the Pamper Night that will take place in December.

Congratulations to Ann and Claire on a well organised and successful evening!

If you are aware of any charity fundraisers that require the addition of cupcake loveliness or if you are organising an event and looking for raffle prizes - please contact us, we'd love to help! info@cake-licious.co.uk

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Treat Tutorial

I, like most other Mums out there, am easing myself into the Easter break with trepidation. I love spending time with my 4 year old twins but, alas, the honeymoon period full of fun and possibility was short lived and boredom and squabbles have settled in for the duration.

So for all you Mums out there looking for something to curb mischief for 5 minutes, I have put together this easy peasey Easter cupcake tutorial...

Easter Treats

First of all we need cupcakes!! I've not included the recipe here as you can use any recipe you like, or even use store bought (I won't tell - promise...).


I, however, have included photos of the cupcakes I made (just to show that I am indeed a superb mother, worthy of any 'Best Mother in the World' award).

Ingredients: Marshmallows, dessicated coconut, pink glitter sprinkles, pink and brown sugarpaste, any kind of pink candies, chocolate mini eggs and vanilla and chocolate buttercream. This is what I used anyway but there are lots of things that could be used instead - chocolate chips, strawberry laces, jelly beans etc etc...

 Right let's get cracking =)

For the bunny ears, use clean kitchen scissors to snip off the top of the marshmallows to reveal the gooey loveliness inside...

...and dip this into the pink sugar until the entire surface is covered.

Sprinkle on the coconut and pat into the buttercream in an attempt to get good all over coverage - more difficult than it sounds (trust me!) Pop the cupcake onto a plate or some greese proof paper before you start doing this in order to catch the bits (you have been warned!)

Now you can add what ever bits you'd like (or rather whatever bits you've got left after you the kids have eaten your their own weight in sprinkles) to make the bunny's face. I used sugarpaste for the eyes and whiskers and a pink choc candy for the nose. You should be left with a little Easter bunny!

To accompany the bunnies, and for all the coconut haters out there (including me), simply swirl chocolate buttercream onto a chocolate cupcake and add a few strategically placed mini eggs. Eggcellent (sorry).

Happy Easter and enjoy the clearing up (I did mention these were messy to make - right??) =]

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Girls Girls Girls!

This order was delivered to a family yesterday to congratulate them on the birth of their daughter. 90% of recent orders for Baby-licious cupcakes have been pink. We'd like to make some blue ones please! Where are all the boys?!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sweet & Stylish

Thoroughly enjoyed the making of this pretty cake but not quite as much as seeing the person receive it. It's actually not that often that I am present when the cake is revealed to it's recipient - she was overwhelmed which completely made my day!
It all had to be pink as this was her absolute favourite colour - as extremely pretty and girlie as the Birthday Girl herself.  Unfortunately she loved it so much that she couldn't cut it....mmmm actually, I'm still awaiting a slice Helen...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wow...The First Blog!

Signed up 30 minutes ago and still trying to find my way around 'Blogger' - yet another media element that will keep me away from mindless TV shows when not creating Cake-licious masterpieces! Stay tuned =]